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Thursday 26th May
KCBA(L) Triples:
B Smith (Orpington Excelsior) v Rita Horn WON
S Magni (Orpington) v Jean McCallum WON
Men Away v Tonbridge LOST 76 - 97

Friday 27th May
KCBA(L) Pairs:
   Dawn Slater v
A Flint (Holmesdale)
   J Ekins (Sevenoaks) v Jane Cogle
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
Wrotham v Borough Green
   Woodlands v
   St Georges v Minters Orchard
Sundridge v Valley View
   Tollgate v

Saturday 28th May
Mixed Away v Wrotham 2.30pm

Sunday 29th May
BE Walker Cup -
Berkshire v Kent (inc Jane Cogle) @ Great Holland 1pm
Men Home v Windmill 2.30pm

Monday 30th May
Bank Holiday Monday -
WKL Resting, KCBA Singles 6/6, KCBA(L) Singles 31/5
BE Mixed Pairs - P Barnicott (Milton Regis) v
       Heather Young & Duncan Hanmore 10am
BE Senior Singles - Jane Cogle v
A Flint (Holmesdale) 2.30pm

Tuesday 31st May
Mixed Away v Gravesend Vets 2.30pm
KCBA Pairs 6pm:
   Tom Young v
P White (Headcorn) WON (w/o)
   R Dibley (Marden) v Tony Cogle
   Derek Reader v
M Palmby (Bearsted)
   J Riggs (Bearsted) v Rob Woodmansey
D Marley (Maidstone) v Trevor Wells
KCBA(L) Singles:
   Jane Cogle v
M Chapman (Holmesdale)
   J Cartwright (Grosvenor) v Jean McCallum

Wednesday 1st June
Men Home v Tonbridge 2.30pm
Ladies Away v Woodlands CANCELLED
KCBA Triples 6pm:
   Tony Cogle v
J Pout (Headcorn)
   Jock Bennet v T Ketley (Loose)
KCBA(L) Fours:
   Heather Young v
C Tillman (Petts Wood)
   C Clark (Cranbrook) v Jane Cogle

Thursday 2nd June
KCBA(L) Triples:
   Dawn Slater, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick v
      Heather Young, Jean McCallum, Jane Cogle
BE Club Two Fours - Borough Green v
Chatham A 6pm

Friday 3rd June
Sevenoaks League 6pm:  
   Borough Green v
   Angel v Woodlands
Sevenoaks v Minters Orchard
   Valley View v
   Tollgate v Beeches
KCBA Unbadged Singles - T Smyth (Headcorn) v Trevor Wells WON (w/o)
KCBA(L) Pairs - Rachel Banks v
B Goud (Cranbrook)

Saturday 4th June
BE Johns Trophy -
Middlesex v Kent (inc Jane Cogle, Rita Horn, Chris Wells)
                                                                                        @ Bounds Green 1.30pm
BE Middleton Cup - Kent (inc Duncan Hanmore) v
Middlesex @ Marden 2pm
Men Away v Woodlands 2.30pm

Sunday 5th June
BE Top Club -
Peninsular v Borough Green Ladies 10am
KCBA 2-Wood Singles @ Tunbridge Wells 9.15am
   Duncan Hanmore, Rob Woodmansey, Trevor Wells
Men & Ladies Home v Bexley Park 2.30pm

Monday 6th June
KCBA Singles 6pm:
   Trevor Wells v
R Martin (Bearsted)
   Rob Woodmansey v S May (Bearsted)
West Kent League - Tonbridge A v Borough Green 6pm

Tuesday 7th June
Mixed Home v Gravesend Vets 2.30pm

Wednesday 8th June
KCBA Triples 6pm:
   Tony Cogle v
J Pout (Headcorn)
   Derek Reader v J Riggs (Bearsted)

Thursday 9th June
KCBA Fours 6pm:
   Derek Reader v
M MacDonald (Sevenoaks)
   B King (Tonbridge) v Rob Woodmansey

Friday 10th June
KCBA Unbadged Singles:
J Clark (Maidstone) OR A Stallman (Marden) v Colin Smith
   Trevor Wells v
D Marley (Maidstone)
Sevenoaks League 6pm:
   Borough Green v
   St Georges v Woodlands
   Minters Orchard v
   Pilgrims v Valley View
   Tollgate resting

Saturday 11th June
KCBA 2-Wood Singles - Division 1 Last 16
   Jane Cogle, Rachel Banks @ Borough Green 9.30am
Men Away v Marden MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm

Sunday 12th June
Men & Mixed Home v Northfleet 2.30pm

Monday 13th June
West Kent League -
Knockholt v Borough Green 6pm


Thursday 19th May
BE Top Club - Borough Green Ladies v
Borstal WON 3 - 1 (78 - 59)
(Singles: Dot Fuller 21 - 13, Pairs: Chris Wells, Jean McCallum 10- 21,
Triples: Dawn Slater, Rita Horn, Eve Strudwick 17 - 15,
Fours: Heather Young, Leah Saxton, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle 30 - 10)

Friday 20th May
BE Champion of Champions - Y Vidgeon v Jean McCallum LOST 9 - 21
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v
Westerham WON 37 - 30 (5pts) 2nd
   Woodlands v Knockholt WON 35 - 29 (4pts) 2nd
   Hadlow v Minters Orchard LOST 22 - 49 (0pts) 8th
   Quebec v Valley View LOST 27 - 35 (0pts) 3rd
   Chartwell v Tollgate LOST 21 - 43 (0pts) 3rd

Saturday 21st May
Mixed Away v Bearsted LOST 89 - 110
Ladies Away v Tonbridge LOST 35 - 45
BE Mixed Pairs:
L Fardell (Wrotham) v Heather Young & Duncan Hanmore WON 22 - 14
I Vagg (Bearsted) v Becky Banks & Tom Ragan LOST 12 - 22

Sunday 22nd May
Bill Green, Hugh Notton, Pam Banks 7 v
       Allen Banks, Stuart Kennedy, Rachel Banks 21
Mick Scott, David Smith, Jane Cogle 20 v
Jock Bennet, David Toser, Leah Saxton 18
Allen Banks, Stuart Kennedy, Rachel Banks 20 v
Mick Scott, David Smith, Jane Cogle 13
BE Balcomb Trophy -
Berks v Kent (inc Duncan Hanmore) @ Tilehurst LOST
BE Mixed Fours - Rob Woodmansey v P Carey (Borstal) WON 21 - 11

Monday 23rd May
West Kent League -
Wrotham v Borough Green WON 45 - 21 (6pts) 1st
BE Top Club - Borough Green v
Sevenoaks WON 3 - 2 (89 - 86)
(Singles: Rob Woodmansey 21 - 14, 2-Wood Singles: Colin Smith 10 - 17
   Pairs: Trevor Wells, Jock Bennet 15 - 29,
   Triples: Tom Young, Derek Reader, Tom Ragan 20 - 11,
   Fours: Dave Smith, Allen Banks, Tony Cogle, Duncan Hanmore 23 - 15)
KCBA Singles:
D Wright (Bearsted) v Trevor Wells WON (w/o)
B Davison (Bearsted) v Colin Smith LOST (w/o)
P McDermott (Wrotham) v Rob Woodmansey WON 21 - 10
I Vagg (Bearsted) v Duncan Hanmore LOST (w/o)

Tuesday 24th May
BE Champion of Champions - C Bishop (Ditton) v Duncan Hanmore WON 21 - 13

Wednesday 25th May
BE Over 60 Mixed Double Rink - Borough Green v
Maidstone B WON 41 - 37
   (Trevor Wells, Eve Strudwick, Derek Reader, Jane Cogle 13 - 27
   (Dave Smith, Jean McCallum, Rita Horn, Tony Cogle 28 - 10)
Ladies Away v Cobham LOST 36 - 43