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What's Coming Up?


Friday 30th July
Sevenoaks League:

   Tonbridge v Borough Green LOST 24 - 49 (0pts) 6th
   Woodlands v Hadlow WON 42 - 24 (6pts) 4th
   Montreal Park v Minters Orchard WON 38 - 25 (4pts) 2nd
   Valley View v Angel LOST 23 - 32 (2pts) 6th

Saturday 31st July
Mixed Away v Loose 2.30pm - see 'Selections'

Sunday 1st August

Men & Ladies Home v Maidstone 2.30pm - see 'Selections'

Monday 2nd August
West Kent League 5.30pm
   Borough Green A
v Holmesdale
   Borough Green B resting

Tuesday 3rd August
Marshall Cup Semi-Finals @ Holmesdale 5pm:
Montreal Park v Borough Green
   Sevenoaks v Holmesdale

Wednesday 4th August
Men Home v Sevenoaks 2.30pm - see 'Selections'
BE Senior Singles Area Final @ Maidstone 6pm
   Duncan Hanmore
v N Bowden (Appleyard)

Thursday 5th August
Ladies Away v Horton Kirby 2.30pm

Friday 6th August
Sevenoaks League 5.30pm:
   Borough Green
v Westerham
   Woodlands v Vale
   Wrotham v Minters Orchard
   Valley View
no game

Saturday 7th August
Men & Ladies Away v Lenham MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm
BE Middleton Cup - Area Final
   Kent (inc Duncan Hanmore) v
Hampshire @ Cranleigh 10.30am

Sunday 8th August
Mixed Away v Winget 2.30pm
Ladies Home v Hesketh Park 2.30pm

Monday 9th August
West Kent League 5.30pm:
   Borough Green A
v Knockholt
   Holmesdale v Borough Green B

Wednesday 11th August
Mixed Away v Swanley 2.30pm

Friday 13th August
Sevenoaks League 5.30pm:

   Vale v Borough Green
   Sevenoaks v Woodlands
   Minters Orchard v St Georges
   Valley View no game

Saturday 14th August
KCBA Memorial Day @ Halls 9.30am & 1.30pm
Mixed Home v OGF 2.30pm

Sunday 15th August
Mixed Home v Borstal 2.30pm

Monday 16th August
West Kent League 5.30pm:

   Tonbridge v Borough Green A
   Borough Green B
v Knockholt

Tuesday 17th August
Ladies Home v Sevenoaks 2.30pm

Wednesday 18th August
Men Home v Westerham 2.30pm

Friday 20th August
Sevenoaks League FINALE 5.30pm:
   Borough Green v Woodlands

   Longmead v Minters Orchard
   Valley View
no game

Saturday 21st August
Men & Ladies Home v Tonbridge MIILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm

Sunday 22nd August
Men & Ladies Home v Bearsted & Thurnham MILLENNIUM LEAGUE 2.30pm

and What's been happening?

Friday 9th July
Sevenoaks League:
   Holmesdalev v Borough Green LOST 28 - 37 (1pt) 6th
   Woodlands v Tonbridge LOST 31 - 36 (0pts) 5th
   Minters Orchard resting 3rd
   Valley View v Acorns LOST 33 - 45 (0pts) 6th
BE Ladies Top Club - Orpington Excelsior v Borough Green WON 2.5 - 1.5 (83 - 58)
   ( Singles - Leah Saxton 15 - 21. Pairs - Chris Wells, Di Sekjer 15 - 15, Triples - Lynn Andrews, Heather Young. Rachel Banks 34 - 11,
   Fours - Dawn Slater, Mary Round, Becky Banks, Jane Cogle 19 - 11)

Saturday 10th July
Mixed Away v Cobham LOST
BE Middleton Cup - Kent (including Duncan Hanmore) v Middlesex @ Essex County WON
BE Johns Trophy - Kent (including Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle, Chris Wells) v Middlesex WON

Sunday 11th July
Men & Ladies Home v VCD LOST
BE Amy Rose - Maids of Kent (including Becky Banks, Leah Saxton) v Essex LOST
Millennium Trophy - Lenham v Borough Green LOST
BE Champion of Champions Area Semi-Final:
   Duncan Hanmore v M Ruffhead (Orpington Excelsior) WON

Monday 12th July
West Kent League:
   Borough Green A v Wrotham WON 53 - 18 (6pts) 1st
   Westerham v Borough Green B WON 33 - 27 (4pts) 4th
Bert Cox - Bearsted B v Borough Green LOST

Tuesday 13th July
Mollie Clegett - Ditton v Borough Green (1rH/1rA) WON (w/o)
BE Senior Singles Area Semi-Final:
   C Burnham (Gravesend) v Duncan Hanmore WON
   (Area Final v R Sydney (Horton Kirby) or N Bowden (Appleyard) by Wed 4th August - neutral green)

Wednesday 14th July
Mixed Home v Swanley WON

Thursday 15th July
Mixed Home v Gravesend Vets WON

Friday 16th July
Sevenoaks League:
   Borough Green v Hadlow WON 55 - 26 (6pts) 5th
   Woodlands v Holmesdale DREW 31 - 31 (3pts) 6th
   Sundridge v Minters Orchard LOST 35 - 41 (2pts) 3rd
   Valley View v Rushmore WON 32 - 25 (4pts) 6th

Saturday 17th July
Mixed Home v Holmesdale WON

Sunday 18th July
BE Amy Rose - Kentish Maids (including Rachel Banks) v Surrey LOST
Men Home v The Grove MILLENNIUM LEAGUE WON (10pts - 2pts)

Monday 19th July
West Kent League:
   Borough Green A resting 1st
   Wrotham v Borough Green B LOST 39 - 47 (0pts) 4th

Tuesday 20th July
Marshall Cup - Borough Green 41
v Woodlands 30
Mollie Clegett - Borough Green
v Peninsular LOST

Wednesday 21st July
Mixed Away v Bearsted & Thurnham LOST

Thursday 22nd July
Ladies Home v Tonbridge CANCELLED by opposition
BE Ladies Top Club - Borough Green v Bromley WON 3 - 1 (71 - 58)
   (Singles: Leah Saxton 19 - 21, Pairs: Lynn Andrews, Rachel Banks 20 - 9,

   Triples: Dot Fuller, Chris Wells, Di Sekjer 18 - 15, Fours Dawn Slater, Dee Ragan, Rita Horn, Becky Banks 14   13)
      Qualified for Area Final v Peninsular or Civil Service Chatham - play by Sun 15th August - neutral green

Friday 23rd July
Sevenoaks League:

   Sevenoaks v Borough Green DREW 35 - 35 (3pts) 6th
   Westerham v Woodlands WON 40 - 27 (6pts) 5th
   Minters Orchard
v Knockholt WON 37 - 34 (5pts) 3rd
   Beeches v Valley View LOST 31 - 32 (2pts) 6th

Saturday 24th July
Mixed Away v Hesketh Park LOST 89 - 90
BE Middleton Cup - Kent (inc Duncan Hanmore) v Hampshire WON
BE Johns Trophy - Kent (inc Becky Banks, Rachel Banks, Jane Cogle) v
Surrey LOST

Sunday 25th July
KCBA(L) Senior Fours Semi-Final:
   Dawn Slater, Lynn Andrews, Heather Young (sub), Di Sekjer, Jane Cogle

       v Gill Fuller, Annie MacDonald, Liz Allison, Claudia Carey (Thanet) LOST
Men & Ladies Away v VCD CANCELLED - forecast thunderstorms

Monday 26th July
BE Champion of Champions Area Final:
   Duncan Hanmore v G Gough (Chatham) WON 21 - 19
       Qualifies for Inter-Area Final v S Coyle (Appleyard) - (neutral green tbc, play by Tuesday 10th August)
West Kent League:
   Borough Green B 23 (0pts  - 5th) v Borough Green A 51 (6pts - 1st)

Wednesday 28th July
Men Home v Wrotham