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What's Coming Up?

Thursday 12th September

Mixed Away v Northfleet WON 115 - 45

Friday 13th September
Belle Trophy 3rd/4th Place Play-off:
   Borough Green v
Forest Hill WON 100 - 53
      (Singles: Rita Horn 21 - 5, Pairs: Dawn Slater & Diane Sekjer 37 - 14,
      Triples: Chris Wells, Mary Round, Eve Strudwick 20 - 18
      Fours: Dot Fuller, Lynn Andrews, Dee Ragan, Jean McCallum 22 - 16)

Saturday 14th September
Mixed Home v Milton Regis WON 105 - 95

Sunday 15th September
Mixed Home v GRFC LOST 87 - 112

Tuesday 17th September
Men & Ladies Home v Ditton MILLENNIUM LEAGUE
                                                           MEN WON 74 - 66 (10pts - 2pts) 3rd

                                                         LADIES LOST 28 - 33 (0pts - 6pts) 3rd

Thursday 19th September
Big Bash FINALE 5.30pm
   Yard Shorts v Back Woods
   Ditchers v Back Touchers
   Wickers v Glancers

Saturday 21st September
Men & Ladies Home v Horton Kirby 2.30pm

Sunday 22nd September
Charity Day - in aid of Kent Air Ambulance - book-in by 1.30pm
   Theme: Australia (and/or Green & Gold)
   Format: Spoondrive
   Required: Raffle Prize, Plate of Food for Buffet, Plenty of Cash

and What's Been Happening

Saturday 7th September

Ladies 2-Wood Competition:
Round 1:
   Mary Evans 14 Mary Round 13
   Eve Strudwick 15 Dee Ragan 8
   Rita Horn 16 Chris Wells 12
   Dawn Slater 17 Dot Fuller 14
   Mary Evans 10 Eve Strudwick 16
   Rita Horn 8 Dawn Slater 16

WINNER: Dawn Slater 16 RUNNER-UP: Eve Strudwick 7
Men Away v Woodcroft DREW 75 - 75

Sunday 8th September
Men Home v Baker Bexford WON 104 - 68

Tuesday 10th September
Thursday Night League FINALE
   WINNERS: Gerbil (Ken Pestell, Steve Medhurst, Brenda Green, Martin Smith, Mary Evans)
   RUNNERS-UP: Elephant (John Strudwick, Colin Smith, Lynn Andrews, Rachel Clark, Angela Richford)

Wednesday 11th September
Men & Ladies Home v Bexley Park CANCELLED - opposition